Pride & Pride Festivals

It’s been forever since I have written a blog post. Life has been busy, and that’s a good thing! As I write this post, I am happily engaged and gonna get married in 73 days!

A lot has been on my mind. Since coming out I have attended seven (7) Pride Festivals over the course of the years. That is a lot of Pride. Is it tiring? Of course it does. I have noticed that Capital Pride is different from that of Charlottesville Pride and Northern Virginia Pride. Don’t get me wrong, Pride is fun. It’s just a matter of how you attend it.

Every year in the United States, June is Pride Month, It’s a time for LGBTQ individuals to shine, and to show their (our) true colors. In DC, for one week, Capital Pride puts together a full week of excitement. This year, I only attended my churches Pride Sunday worship, and the Capital Pride Festival. I was only at the Festival for maybe an hour, then got tired and decided to come home.

There is a saying that goes around, “Once you’ve attended one Pride Festival, you’ve attended them all”. While I do enjoy Pride, and everything that goes along with it, after attending Capital Pride this year, I have come to the realization that I don’t really need to go to Pride to show my true colors.  Quite honestly, LGBTQ individuals show their Pride each and every day by, just being them.

How do I show my Pride? I have two Pride flags hanging. I own a ton of rainbow merchandise and jewelry. I also advocate, alongside many LGBTQ individuals and allies each and every day, to fight to continue to keep our rights. While attending a Pride Festival may be fun, I have decided that as I begin to settle down in my life with the man of my dreams, I don’t think attending a Pride Festival or Parade is the thing for me.



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