Lent: My first Lent as Lutheran

Last year, on Easter Sunday, I left The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormon). As I was walking out the door, to head to the bus stop to head to the Metro. I put in my Letter of Resignation to the LDS Church. When I put the letter in the mailbox, I felt at ease. I felt that I could be myself. Where was I headed on Easter Sunday, 2015? I was headed to Luther Place Memorial Church, in Washington D.C.

Upon my arrival at Luther Place on that Sunday morning, I didn’t know what to expect. I got there early (at least an hour and half or so before the start of the service). I met the Pastor, while I was sitting in the Sanctuary, just amazed by the church building itself. She told me, that there was breakfast that was going to be served in the Basement before church. Score, I got a meal, just before church started. It was nice too. Then, I decided after I ate, to find a good comfortable seat in the Sanctuary, and I did. I was told by a member that there would be a lot of singing (and trust me, there is a lot of singing that does go on).

Once I heard that there as a lot of singing, I instantly fell in love (I love to sing). I remember the sermon that day too, it was on “Rekindling your faith”. I was a visitor, checking out a church that I haven’t been too, and prior to my resignation from the LDS church, I was inactive. I really needed God back in my life, and sure enough, at Luther Place, the Spirit that day (and it is all the time) is alive. The messages at every Sunday sermon are amazing, and the fill the soul.

Lent 2016, just started on Wednesday, February 10, 2016. I attended my first Ash Wednesday service at Luther Place (and loved it). The theme for the Lent journey this year, is courage. What an incredible them. To top it off, the sermon on Ash Wednesday evening was amazing; it was an amazing kick off to Lent 2016, which I am excited to partake in.

I am excited to partake in Lent 2016, and as a Lutheran. I love being Lutheran. I am excited for what God has in store for me; in my journey. I am so excited to have found Luther Place. What a wonderful congregation. I am member of the Luther Place Community Choir. God really works in amazing, mysterious ways.

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