Accepting My “Gayness”… A Year Later, and More

I remember coming out, on June 27th, well Facebook time stamped it June 28th. It was very early in the morning, probably midnight. I remember, how sacred I was when I would wake up to prepare for work, the reactions of friends, and family. Friends, still embraced me that day, as I received the countless numbers of messages, and family, slowly started to really embrace me. Also, during this time, I made some really awesome friends.

I remember really starting to dig into the “dating world” shortly thereafter, I remember how scared I was. I thought I was doing everything right at the beginning, Grindr, and then soon after I set up a Okcupid account. I learned a lot of valuable things, as I began to date. As the year unfolded I knew exactly what I was looking for.

As a kid, I was raised right. I was a good student in school, and that mimics my behaviors at work. As I started to date, I found that there were some guys that just didn’t seem mature. I feel now at the age of 27, that guy that wants to be with me, has to have maturity. What is it with the younger crowd? I still don’t get it.

I love attending Pride Festivals and anything related to the LGBTQ+ community. After-all it resembles who I am, and I love having the supporters on my side. This past year I attended, Capital Pride, and Charlottesville Pride. Next year, I plan to make it to where I’ll be attending three Pride events, from June to October. Yes, my Pride season is long, but well worth it.

How am I doing on my Spiritual journey? I left The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints; Easter Sunday. I found Luther Place Memorial, in Washington DC thanks to several members of Queer for Christ DC, an organization in DC. I attend church off and on, when I can, its quite a hike from Lorton, VA to Logan Circle, in Washington, DC. The Washington Metrorail system is messed up to, with extremely high fare costs. I know God loves me, regardless of if I attend church or not. There really isn’t anyone telling me that I have to go to church.

How is my appearance looking? In March 2015, I traveled down to Charlottesville, Virginia to see my Momma down there. (She calls me her “Son from Another Mother”) and to me she is family, and she is a part of my family. Anyways, we went Birthday shopping for me (My birthday is in January, it just took awhile to get there because of the weather). We started off by getting me Jeans and other fabulous looking shirts, that fit. I now fit comfortably in either a 28X30 or 29X30 pant. I’d rather wear Skinny, Slim, or Slim Straight pants. I wear a small button down (or polo). I am a fan of “non-graphic tees”. So, the full button down, polo is my kinda style.

I am also one of those that loves to go out. Maybe it was something that I always caught my Mom and Dad doing. But I have decided, usually one Friday night a week, I travel up to Freddie’s Beach Bar in Arlington, VA to hang out, and have fun. I enjoy Karaoke, and at Freddie’s they have Karaoke every night. The staff there is extremely friendly, and the food is well worth the money. I’d rather go to a Gay Bar, or maybe a club where-ever I travel too, because I think its fun, and I feel better around people (and allies) that I identify better with.

All in all, life is going well. I feel better about myself, I feel better about who I am, and if you can’t tell, I am very happy. Life is only going to get better.

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