Capital Pride 2015 – Thoughts, Feelings, and Reactions

This weekend, the Nations Capital (that’s Maryland, DC, and Virginia) celebrated Capital Pride. For me, it was very, very,  very first Capital Pride. And yes, I had a fabulous time! I didn’t get a chance to make it to the Sunday events, all because I was so tired (and didn’t leave Washington DC, until 2:20 a.m.), I also tell myself, that once I leave the district, don’t come back… It’s super expensive by Metro and Bus combined. I didn’t get home until 6:20 a.m. because of the busses. So, you can imagine, very tiring.

My over-all thoughts of the Festival are amazing, and breathtaking, and speechless. Everything so well organized. Even the Parade was super well organized. They line you up by color of the rainbow, and you are dismissed by color (Red went first, then orange, then yellow, etc.). There had to of been over a hundred people Marching in the Parade itself, I volunteered to March with three groups, met up with one group (the Mormons), and then decided to March with my Lutheran Congregation (well it was many accepting Lutheran Congregations).

After the Parade, I decided, to venture around the district, and check out the Nightlife, being that it was Pride, and quite frankly, I didn’t want to go all the way back to Lorton (because I knew if I was, I wasn’t coming back). I walked all over town, I went to Cobalt, then I walked to Town, then I walked to Nellies, then I made it back to 14th Street (where the church is, hoping I was staying), to The Green Lantern. All these clubs are great, but I shortly learned, that yes I can be a social butterfly (as I am), but I also learned that DC Night-clubs are not my thing. I’ve decided I’ll stick with the various Meet-Up groups, and Freddie’s Beach Bar, in Arlington, Virginia.

After attending my very first Pride (and 100% completely sober too), I feel great. I am extremely excited for next year, and know that next year will be bigger and better than ever. I’ll march in the Parade, and Volunteer at the Booths (failed on that this year), and I most likely wont do the night-life, unless I travel back to Arlington, Virginia to Freddie’s, but that’s it. It really does stink, when you rely on Metro and the bus system to get you around, because you really have to know the times and the schedules.

Capital Pride 2015 – Flashback! Thank you so much for all the fun. I can’t wait for next year!!!

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