Journey of Faith… I found a Church!

Ever since leaving the LDS Faith, first being inactive since October then officially resigning as of Easter Sunday, I have really felt lost without having God in my life.

On Easter Sunday, I returned to church. I went to Luther Place Memorial Church on Easter Sunday and immediacy fell in love. I guess because it was the singing (which I love to sing), and I met the Pastor and explained everything, from loosing Mom, and my Sister in law to the fact that I was inactive from the LDS faith to leaving the church and needing to find a new church home. So, I loved it so much that I was going to go back, and I am. I believe I am going to call this church, my Church Home.

This past week has been incredible since returning to church. The songs have been stuck in my head (and that is a good thing). My energy level is back up. I am evening doing daily devotionals (to keep me on my toes with scriptures).

The Lord, and I can definatly tell, Mom are right by my side. Cheering me on!

I am excited to see what is in store for my life. “Jesus take the Wheel!”

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One Response to Journey of Faith… I found a Church!

  1. Kim mechling says:

    CJ, I love you, and couldn’t be any happier for you!

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